Opening and tracking support tickets

How do you track your support ticket progress? Just like we want to keep on top of your support requests, we also want you to be able to keep up with your own tickets.

Soon after submitting a support request, you will be notified by email The email will supply you your support ticket number. By default, you will also be notified when anyone adds a comment or when your ticket has been solved. While you can track your ticket progress via email notifications, you can also check on all your requests on our support site by clicking the link in the support ticket email or by visiting

From the support desk portal, you can provide your email address and password and submit a new request or check your existing requests.

Once you access the “check your existing requests” tab you will be able to see that either your request is “being processed” (i.e tickets marked new or open) or is “awaiting your response” (i.e for a ticket marked as pending).

In addition, you will have the option to create a follow-up ticket directly from any closed ticket from under the “check your existing requests” tab.

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