Google Apps

I'm very pleased to announce that Sound Publishing, Inc. has entered into agreement with Google to host our email and document collaboration through their Google Apps for Business. Google Apps (Gapps) is a suite of cloud-based services that will migrate our email away from Kerio, and into the popular Gmail platform. Besides Gmail, Gapps services include: Google Chat, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Sites, and a host of others. These are all very powerful and innovative tools that will help get the job done and make collaboration and communication much simpler.

We will begin rolling Gapps out to individuals in the next few weeks. The entire rollout will take 2-3 months, so please be patient. We will contact you week(s) prior to migrating. There is nothing you need to do to prepare, unless you'd like to research Gapps here. Your current email address will not change. 
We've added a Google Apps forum on our support site. It's designed to keep you abreast with the the Gapps migration, supply you self-help how-to articles, and answer your frequently asked questions. Check back often to get the latest news.
Oh, there is one more thing...I've saved the best, for last. Your Gmail quota is 25GB! 25 times your Kerio quota :). Good news. More soon.

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